"The Three Banners War. Terrible business. I was drinking at the Skald King's court when I mentioned how silly it was to fight over an empty throne. Next morning, they put me on a boat and sent me here. Rigurt always gets the most important missions."
―Rigurt the Brash[src]

Ambassador Rigurt the Brash is a Nord who resides in the city of Mournhold. He has made it his goal to learn about and become immersed in Dunmeri culture, and in turn teach the Dunmer about Nordic culture, due to the recent formation of the Ebonheart Pact. He can later be found in Windhelm helping out with the festivities of King Jorunn's anniversary, as he has been named Master of Ceremonies.

He is encountered a third time in the Morkul Stronghold, where he acts now as the Nord ambassador to the Orcs of Wrothgar.

He makes a fourth appearance in Alinor as an Ebonheart Pact diplomat, attempting to negotiate a peace treaty between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Ebonheart Pact with Proxy Queen Alwinarwe.


Cultural ExchangeEdit

Rigurt the Brash, leader of the Expedition for Nord Cultural Exchange, has asked for the Vestige's assistance. They've agreed to trade a Nord book, clothes, and relic for similar Dark Elf items.

Party PlanningEdit

Rigurt the Brash has been named Master of Ceremonies for the celebration of King Jorunn's anniversary. Rigurt has many organizational duties to attend to and needs a little help.

Cultural AffectionsEdit

At the docks of Morkul Stronghold, Rigurt is currently serving a diplomatic mission on behalf of the Ebonheart Pact as an ambassador. He requests you gather four items he can present to Lazdutha in order to gain her affection.

Long Live the KingEdit

After King Kurog's funeral, Rigurt will appear at the main floor of Scarp Keep, speaking with Alinon the Alchemist and Priest Uugus.

Culture ClashEdit



  • He is the author of Rigurt's Journal. As opposed to the common means of writing the date with the day, month, and year (i.e. 20 Rain's Hand, 2E 582), Rigurt wrote the date for every entry as simply "Today."
  • When choosing Ebonheart ambassador Tolendos Dreloth for pelting during the "Mud Ball Merriment" quest, he references Rigurt by saying, "I should have Rigurt have this posting."