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Ring of Phynaster (Morrowind)

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Golden Touch (Achievement) Ring of Phynaster
Morrowind Ring of Phynaster
Weight 0.1 WeightIcon
Value 18,000 GoldIcon
Additional Effects Resist Shock 20% on Self (Constant Effect)
Resist Poison 20% on Self (Constant Effect)
Resist Magicka 20% on Self (Constant Effect)
Type Ring
FormID ring_phynaster_unique
For other uses, see Ring of Phynaster.
Main article: Jewelry (Morrowind)

The Ring of Phynaster can be found in Senim Ancestral Tomb.


Its effects are as follows:


The Ring of Phynaster is one of the artifacts the Nerevarine may sell to Torasa Aram at the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold during the quest "The Museum."TR Aram offers 9000 GoldIcon for the valuable ring.


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