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The Ring of Steelskin is an enchanted jewelry item in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is a randomly generated ring with a resist normal weapons effect. The ring has three variants of different strength.


Name GoldIcon WeightIcon Enchantments ID
Base Ring of Steelskin 40 0.1 Resist Paralysis 20% 00098422
Ring of Steelskin 140 0.1 Resist Normal Weapons 13% 00098423
Grand Ring of Steelskin 160 0.1 Resist Normal Weapons 15% 00098424
  • Base Value refers to the value without factoring the effects of Mercantile skill or NPC disposition.
  • The Base Ring of Steelskin actually has the wrong enchantment, as it has a Resist Paralysis, instead of resist normal weapons.2:32

Acquisition hintsEdit


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