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Ring of the Erudite

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Ring of the Erudite
Ring of erudite
0.25 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1803 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
While wearing this ring, you will receive 100 extra Magicka as well as regenerate Magicka faster.
Type: Ring
FormID: xx00E7FE

Ring of the Erudite is a ring found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard, during the Rings of Blood Magic quest. It is only available if the Dragonborn chooses to become a Vampire Lord at the conclusion of Bloodline.


Wearing this ring grants an additional 100 points of Magicka and increases the rate of Magicka Regeneration. Besides the other enchantments, it doesn't increase the magicka regeneration based on the base regeneration rate, it increases the overall (natural) rate.

The normal rate is 3% of the total magicka. With 100% magicka regeneration, the Dragonborn will receive 100% more of the 3% rate. However the ring adds 2 more points onto the natural regeneration rate, making the 3% regeneration 5%. So, the magicka regeneration will increase 100% of the 5% rate. (For example, with 200 points of Magicka, with Morokei the regeneration would be 12 points per second. But with the ring added, it would be 20.)


This ring is ideal for a mage playstyle as the effects also work while not in the Vampire Lord form.

This ring is the only item in Skyrim which allows the Dragonborn to regenerate magicka in vampire lord form whilst outside during daylight hours.


Possible locations include:


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  • If a previously slain dragon priest is chosen as a bearer of the ring, it will be impossible to acquire as the corpse will disappear.
    • To prevent this from happening, save before accepting the quest and reload the save if the rings are unobtainable.

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