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For other uses, see Rings.

Rings are items found in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey. They are the only form of jewelry found in the game, and only one can be worn at a time. Each one gives the Soul of Conflict a specific boost to their abilities.


Name Effect
Azra's Bandage Restores 3 health per second
Malkav's Ring +25 Magicka +10 Willpower +5 Intelligence
Ring of Deflection +5 Defense
Ring of Fangs +1 Attack damage
Ring of Stars +4 Resist magic
Ring of Thunderblows +4 Attack damage
Ring of Warding +5 Resist magic
Silver Picks +3 Lock pick/disarm traps, +5 with Nightblade or Thief classes
Spell Jewel Reduces spell cost by 6

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