"Lord Graddock, ruler of Reich Gradkeep, acted as concilator between Sentinel and Daggerfall, and eventually convinced both monarchs to meet and make peace."
Fav'te's War of Betony[src]

The Riot in Reich Gradkeep was a battle between the city-states of Daggerfall and Sentinel in 3E 404, in Reich Gradkeep.

The riot began as negotiations between the two warring city states, as Lord Graddock convinced them to try to create a truce in the city of Reich Gradkeep. However, as the treaty was about to be signed, King Camaron became outraged and ordered his troops to riot within the city, starting a riot. Daggerfall historians claim that Camaron "realized that the proposed treaty would have included a formal declaration that the kingdoms of Sentinel and Daggerfall would share Betony, and he flew into a rage,"[1] however, Sentinel historians state that the treaty had been purposefully miswritten by Daggerfall in attempt to trick Camaron into signing a contract different.[2] The entire city of Reich Gradkeep erupted into a bloodbath, with the entire royal family of the city dying, except for one sickly infant, who later died. Lord Auberon Flyte, a cousin of Lord Graddock, took control of the city after the riot, and renamed it Anticlere, in honor of the deceased royal family.[1][2]

As the riot began to die down, Sentinel's army fled to Yeorth Burrowland, with Daggerfall s army chasing them as far as the Ravennian Forest before making camp. A week later, the two armies met in the Battle of Cryngaine Field.[1][2]