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Riverhold is a city in Elsweyr. It is one of many possible locations that the Eternal Champion may visit in The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Riverhold is known to have a very crowded marketplace as people from the countryside flock to it daily.[1]


Riverhold is known to have existed during the First Era[2]. It is known to also have existed during the Imperial Simulacrum[3] and around 4E 40.[4] Despite the fact that Elsweyr had ceded to the empire by this point in time,[4] the city is known to have been "swarming with Imperial agents."[4]

The city of Riverhold (and most probably the surrounding area) is ruled by a monarch. The only known ruler of Riverhold is Queen Naghea, who commanded the left flank of the Imperial army at the Battle of Bodrum, during the Four Score War.[2]


Riverhold is located three miles east of a small market town, Sheeraln.[4]



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