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Rjorn's Drum

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Rjorn's Drum
4 WeightIcon
Base Value:
10 GoldIcon
Type: Quest Item
FormID: 000DABA9

Rjorn's Drum is a Quest Item, found in Halldir's Cairn, needed for the Bards College quest Find Rjorn's Drum.

Quest is given by Giraud Gemane in Bards College.


Halldir's Cairn is located just southwest of Falkreath where a series of ghosts must be fought and eventually the boss, Halldir. Rjorn's Drum can be found in a chest at the end.


Rewards: Grants+1 skill point to all Combat skills (Block, Two Handed, One Handed, Smithing, Archery, Heavy Armor)

Spell Tome: Raise Zombie

Behind the scenesEdit

  1. The Drum has 4 weight (though quest items are weightless, despite displaying a weight value) and cannot be removed from your inventory until the completion of the quest as it is marked as a quest item. (Hint: If you come across a closed door, the lever for it will be behind the throne).
  2. If you have cleared out this cave already and collected the loot it will restock and reset the chests and items so its possible to collect everything twice, (Once for the first quest that brought you here to kill Halldir and a second time for the quest for Rjorn's Drum).


  • Killing Halldir before he completely stands up will cause the metal gate to stay sealed without being able to acquire Rjorn's Drum at the end. (reload the save before you kill Halldir and letting him get off his throne should allow you to complete the quest)
    • When the Dragonborn goes to Giraud Gemane, the dialogue changes and the Dragonborn will be able to give him the drum and receive +1 to combat skills
  • Getting the item before the quest will cause the Dragonborn not be able to start the quest or turn the item in. The item will stay in your inventory.
  • It is possible for Giraud Gemane to die in a dragon attack, thus preventing the player from completing the quest, making the drum stuck in your inventory for the remainder of the game.

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