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Cyrodiil Oblivion Map

This map of Cyrodiil shows several of the country's roads.

The Imperial Road network is a network of roads connecting the major cities of Cyrodiil to each other.


In the late First Era, Empress Hetra improved the roads, and the Reman Emperors continued her policies. The last period of First Era road-building was in the reign of the last strong Akaviri Potentate, Sidri-Ashak. Prior to Tiber Septim's rule in the late Second and early Third Eras, Cyrodiil's roads varied greatly in quality, and were often impassible in bad weather and winter seasons.[1]

Cyrodiil RoadsEdit

Map of cyrodiil aged Red Ring Road

The Red Ring Road, highlighted in red.

Red Ring RoadEdit

The Red Ring Road runs in a circular pattern (i.e. a "Ring") around the outskirts of Lake Rumare. It also surrounds the Imperial City, because the city is build on an Island in the middle of this lake.

Black RoadEdit

Yellow RoadEdit

  • Runs across the Eastern side of the Niben Bay and River regions, all the way through to Leyawiin.

Gold RoadEdit

Gold Road

The Gold Road.

Orange RoadEdit

Blue RoadEdit

Green RoadEdit

Silver RoadEdit

Shivering Isles RoadsEdit

Low RoadEdit

Pinnacle RoadEdit

  • A side road in Dementia, it runs from the Low Road to the end of Madgod's Boot.

Overlook RoadEdit

  • The only road in Mania, it runs from The Fringe to New Sheoth.

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