Robber's Cove is a camp located between Rorikstead and Dragon Bridge.

Robber's Cove has two access points; one through a tunnel connected to a river and the other is a trap door in Robber's Gorge.

Robber's GorgeEdit

Inside the cove are some old books, several coin purses, and various small treasures. There is a locked (Adept) chest and a coin purse underwater.

The Bandit Leader's Journal tells you about a secret stash. Upon exiting the cove via the water, swim to the small island next to the waterfall. Here you will find a Master locked chest, which can be opened with Robber's Cove Key.

Notable itemsEdit

Alchemy ingredientsEdit




  • There is a random encounter spawn point on the road west of Robber's Cove. If the random encounter involves traveling characters, they will often take the road leading right through Robber's Cove, where they will be attacked by the waiting Bandits.