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Rockjoint is an acute common disease affecting a victim's manual dexterity. Symptoms include painful swelling and immobility of all joints. It may be contracted from: domesticated guar and dusky alit[1] in Morrowind; zombie in Cyrodiil; wolves, familiars, and cave bears in Skyrim.


Despite Ygfa stating that Guar and Alit give rockjoint, it cannot actually be contracted anywhere in Morrowind.



Rockjoint can be contracted from Zombies and Bruccius the Orphan.



Rockjoint can be cured by:


Rockjoint can be contracted from Wolves, which can be found near the woods in the wilderness, and Cave Bears, which are usually near river banks. It can also be contracted through traps. Even the Wolf from the Conjure Familiar spell can give this disease. It is the most common disease to be contracted first in the game, as some wolves may attack the Dragonborn while on their first trip to Riverwood. One can also contract Rockjoint from some other enemies due to a bug. However, the chances are very small, rare reports also say that a Bandit can give Rockjoint. Meeko's dead Nord owner died of Rockjoint.





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