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Daggerfall Rogue

An enemy Rogue

For other uses, see Rogue.
Not to be confused with Rogue (Enemy).

Rogues are a stealth-specialized class in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Manual DescriptionEdit

Equal parts thief and warrior, rogues do not avoid combat like most other thiefly classes. After all, it is often efficacious to beat a few heads to get to the gold. To this end, rogues are trained in a variety of weapons in addition to their thiefly skills. A strong arm is as important as nimble fingers to a rogue, and speedy feet may be most important of all. No one gets in and out of as much trouble as a rogue.[1]



Favored AttributesEdit

Primary SkillsEdit

Major SkillsEdit

Description and useEdit


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