"Excellent, another vampire has been slain! Here is your reward."
―Roland Jenseric[src]

Roland Jenseric quote

Roland Jenseric is a Breton warrior who has a home in the Temple District of the Imperial City, as well as a cabin along the Blue Road.


Roland lived in the Imperial City where he met and fell in love with Relfina. They had a cabin together along the Blue Road. Relfina was then killed by a vampire in the city. Roland moved to their cabin. The Order of the Virtuous Blood believe Roland is the vampire and attacked his own lover. They ask the Hero to track him down and kill him.


Order of the Virtuous BloodEdit

After searching Roland's house, the Hero discovered a very dedicated love letter from Relfina, suggesting Roland Jenseric's Cabin as his current location. When the Hero arrives and finds Roland he clams it's not him who is the vampire, but Seridur, the leader of The Order of the Virtuous Blood. If the Hero decides to believe him, they now have to hunt down Seridur.

Vampire HuntingEdit

After the events of the quest "Order of the Virtuous Blood," he pays the Hero 250 GoldIcon for each pile of Vampire Dust brought to him.