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For other uses, see Rollie.
"Finest pack guar I've ever had the privilege of knowing. He and I have been together for years. Sure, he and I have our arguments, and he sometimes can be a little bit stubborn, but we always seem to be able to work things out."
Teris Raledran[src]

Rollie the Guar is a guar found in the Ascadian Isles in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. He is a pack guar owned by Teris Raledran. Rollie follows Teris during the quest "A Man and His Guar" and later stays at the outskirts of Vivec City.


Rollie's owner Teris Raledran speaks highly about his pack guar, saying that he is the "finest pack guar I've ever had the privilege of knowing". He obviously can not speak, but has nonetheless a number of dialogue options depicting him as a sensible and prudent creature.


A Man and His GuarEdit

Rollie the Guar and his master may be encountered by the Nerevarine while exploring the Ascadian Isles. Raledran states that the two of them are on their way to Vivec City, where they are to deliver some Clothing to the clothier Agrippina Herennia. Indeed, Rollie is carrying a bunch of expensive clothing as can be seen in the following section.


Rollie the Guar is carrying a delivery of clothing for Agrippina Herennia in Vivec. It contains the following:


Greeting "[Rollie says nothing to you at this time.]"

Greeting "[Rollie seems about to speak, but then thinks better of it.]"

Greeting "[Rollie gazes at you with soulful eyes, but says nothing.]"

Greeting "[Rollie, being a deep thinker, has no words for now.]"

Greeting "[Rollie thinks twice and says nothing.]"


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