"Soldiers, here? That's ill news."

Rolunda is a Nord found outside Orkey's Hollow, on Bleakrock Isle. She can later be found in Bal Foyen.


A Beginning at BleakrockEdit

The Vestige must ask around Stonefalls to take a ship to Bleakrock Isle. They wake up in Captain Rana's Office in Bleakrock Village on Bleakrock Isle. While they await for the Prophet to return, the Daggerfall Covenant is invading Bleakrock Isle.

The Missing of BleakrockEdit

Captain Rana has to evacuate Bleakrock Isle before the Daggerfall Covenant attacks, but there are missing people from the village who need to be found in order to get everyone to safety. Rolunda's brother is one of those people.

The Frozen ManEdit

Rolunda's brother Eiman has ventured into Orkey's Hollow to find a mad ghost known as The Frozen Man, but he has been missing ever since. Rolunda asks the Vestige to rescue him.


  • "Come to prove your courage? So did my brother. Now he's gone."