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Race Nord
Gender Male
Level 4
Class Priest
Faction Temple of the Divines
Rank Citizen
Essential No
Ref ID 000198A5
Base ID 000132A2
"As high priest of the Nine Divines, I bid you welcome."

Rorlund is a Nord and a high priest of the Temple of the Divines in Solitude. He is the husband of Freir and can mostly be found in the Temple of the Divines. On occasion he will be wondering around the market stalls.


Assisting the poorEdit

Rorlund: "Silana, you don't seem yourself. Is something the matter?"
Silana: "Oh, yes sir. I feel many of Solitude's families are having trouble getting by, and the wealthy do nothing to help them!"
Rorlund: "Your compassion is admirable, but you see, we cannot help them all. The poor must learn from the examples of the gods and raise themselves up."
Silana: "I respectfully disagree, sir. Stendarr and Zenithar may demand strength from them, but Mara and Dibella demand compassion from us."
Rorlund: "I see you have meditated on this subject quite thoroughly. I shall not stop you, but please, try to attend to your temple duties as well.

Declining AttendanceEdit

Rorlund: "A word, my love?"
Freir: "What troubles you, darling?"
Rorlund: "I fear attendance is down. There are so few worshippers coming to see us. Could it be that the war has weakened their faith?"
Freir: "Nonsense, dear. I've had more visitors than ever seeking the wisdom of the hearth goddesses."
Rorlund: "Ah, that must be it. So many of the men are serving in battle. I shall pray to Stendarr that they return victorious."

Ceremonial alcoholEdit

Rorlund: "Ah a few bottles of Spiced Wine should hit the spot."
Evette: "Of course. And I'm sure it's mostly for ceremonial purposes."


  • "As high priest of the Eight Divines, I bid you welcome."
  • "Blessings be with you."
  • "I'm afraid I'm running errands at the moment. But please, visit me later at the Temple of the Divines."
  • "Well now. I'm afraid you've caught me a bit out of my element. Most of my time is spent in the Temple of the Divines, you see."
  • "We welcome you to worship the Eight Divines, freely and openly."
  • "Wonder no more, for you are among friends here, and safe."


  • At the burning of King Olaf he says "I believe Sanguine would be pleased with this festival". It seems strange that he mentions a Daedric Prince while being the high priest of the Temple of the Divines.
  • As many others if caught, he hires thugs if one steal Roggvir's amulet from the catacombs.


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