"You had the strength to do what no one else could and now I'm free. You have no idea what that means to me. But tell me, stranger. Why did you do all of this?"
―Rosalind Milielle[src]

Rosalind Milielle is a deceased Breton found in the village of Westtry, High Rock. In life, she was the captain of the town guard as well as the wife of Leon Milielle, a priest of Stendarr.

When Nord invaders stormed the town, she was the one who led the defense, although rendered useless by the deal that her husband attempted with Molag Bal.


The Ghosts of WesttryEdit

The town of Westtry is cursed, haunted by the spirits of its inhabitants and the raiders who slaughtered them. The spirit of Leon Milielle, Westtry's priest, asked the Vestige to lift the curse.

Memento MoriEdit

Leon made a pact with Molag Bal that placed a curse upon Westtry. The final twist was when Molag Bal turned Leon's wife and the captain of the guard, Rosalind, into a vengeful shade. She may hold the key to ending this curse.