Not to be confused with Roxanne Brigette.
"The king and I go way back. I knew him before he was royalty. He even offered to make me one of his wives, but I decided to become the proprietor of this place instead."

Roxanne is a Breton brewer found working at The King's Cornerclub in the city of Orsinium.


Long Live the KingEdit

After receiving King Kurog's favorite ale from Roxanne, she asks for you to give her an invitation to his funeral. She will later be at the Castle Overlook during the ceremony, and afterwards in Scarp Keep.


  • "Oh, and try some of Yakhu's stew. It will put hair on your chest, guaranteed!"
  • "I originally named this place "The Far From Home Inn." But as soon as the king became a regular, I decided to rename my humble tavern in his honor. After all, he is my best customer!"