The Roxey Inn is an inn located on the Red Ring Road. The inn is ran by Malene.


It is found along the Red Ring Road, north-east of the Imperial City. Regular patrons include Rigmor and Pranal.


The Inn has two stories, with rooms upstairs for ten Septims a night. On the ground floor there is a counter where Malene can be found and a reception room left of the entrance where those staying at the inn can rest.

Malene will buy potions and food while selling food, although she only has fifty GoldIcon available for bartering.

Outside there are two barrels near the front door and a bed roll behind the inn that can be used.


The Gravefinder's ReposeEdit

Malene, upon speaking to her the first time, will state that she is looking for somebody who can kill Raelynn the Gravefinder, a necromancer who is held up in a nearby cavern and summoning the undead.

Heavy Armor TrainingEdit

Pranal, a retired solder, is willing to teach advanced users of heavy armor in exchange for a gift for Malene.

Zero VisibilityEdit

While not related to the Inn itself, The customers and Malene will mention how the citizens of Aleswell have all vanished.

Nothing You Can PossessEdit

Prior to starting the quest, Claude Maric and the rest of his men will stay at the inn.