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The Royal Guard are bodyguards to King Helseth Hlaalu and serve him in the capital of Morrowind, Mournhold.[1]


The Royal Guard are guards to the Royal family of Morrowind and are seen in various locations in Mournhold such as Plaza Brindisi Dorom. They are hand-picked by the King himself from the best warriors in Tamriel[2] and some have been with the King from his time in Wayrest; Tienius Delitian has been with him for many years.[3] He is the Captain of the Royal Guards in Mournhold.[4] Despite the Royal Guard's reputation, Almalexia believes that only the Hands of Almalexia are the greatest warriors in Tamriel.[5] The patriarch of the temple in Mournhold Gavas Drin thinks that the Royal Guards are nothing but "Helseth's hand picked thugs" and think that only the High Ordinators are necessary to guard Mournhold.[6]


Members of the Royal Guard use a distinct type of medium armor, the Royal Guard Armor. The reddish color of this armor makes them easily distinguishable.

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