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Royal Guard Armor is a type of medium armor found in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. It is worn exclusively by members of the Royal Guard.


The Royal Guard Armor is the type of armor worn by members of the King's personal guards, the Royal Guard. It can thus be found exclusively in Mournhold.


The Royal Guard Armor is easily recognizable by its typical reddish color, distinguishing any member of the Royal Guard even from a distance.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Name ID WeightIcon GoldIcon Health-icon ArmorIcon
Royal Guard Boots Helsethguard_boots 18.00 2500 500 50
Royal Guard Cuirass Helsethguard_cuirass 27.00 8000 1500 55
Royal Guard Greaves Helsethguard_greaves 12.00 2000 300 40
Royal Guard Helm Royalguard_Helmet 4.00 550 550 55
Royal Guard Left Gauntlet Helsethguard_gauntlet_left 4.00 2000 225 55
Royal Guard Left Pauldron Helsethguard_pauldron_left 9.00 3000 550 55
Royal Guard Right Gauntlet Helsethguard_gauntlet_right 4.00 2000 225 55
Royal Guard Right Pauldron Helsethguard_pauldron_right 9.00 3000 550 55


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