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Ruins of Bthalft

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Landmarksicon  Ruins of Bthalft
Ruins of Bthalft1
Ruins of Bthalft Map
Hold The Rift
Location Southeast of Ivarstead
Type Landmark
Quests Lost to the Ages
Enemies Bandits
Location ID BthalftExterior01

The Ruins of Bthalft are a small collection of Dwemer open-air ruins that are located in the Rift's southwestern wilds, just southeast of Ivarstead. A small group of bandits has made this their home and can be easily put down.

When Dawnguard has been installed, however, the ruins become part of the quest Lost to the Ages. It is the site of the Aetherium Forge, and the forge itself is only accessible through the questline. Before the quest, a strange astrolabe (a lock on the elevator, essentially) is present on the dais in the middle. After the quest is finished, a Dwarven elevator replaces the astrolabe and dais.

Notable LootEdit


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