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The Ruins of Rkund is a collection of open-air Dwemer Ruins and is a landmark in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Located in the southern region of The Rift in Skyrim, seems to be a small entrance to an underground Dwemer structure. The entrance is caved in, and there is a chest located within the rubble. Guarding the entrance is a Wispmother and some wisps. There are also two dead witches on the ground, with Dwemer metal and some other loot. A rare glitch in the game may render the two witches hovering upright in midair around the fountain.


It should be noted that this ruin can normally only be accessed by going through Darklight Tower: therefore, the Dragonborn needs to have completed the Repentance questline. However, by jumping from Lost Tongue Overlook, it is possible to reach the ruin without going through Darklight Tower.

This ruin can also be reached by climbing up the side of a mountain on the way over from Crystaldrift Cave.



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