"And then there's Borvir and Rundi. Twins, though they rarely agreed on anything. Those two boys were obsessed with mead. Convinced they could concoct something to compete with Honningbrew. Something about using Frost magic to chill the mead for a certain period of time. I felt it was a waste, but the Arch-Mage let them proceed."
―Phinis Gestor[src]

Rundi is a deceased apprentice mage with the College of Winterhold.


Rundi's frozen corpse can be found at the unmarked location Rundi's Altar northwest of Journeyman's Nook and southeast of Winterhold. His dagger can be found there, as well as a Staff of Ice Spikes and an Alchemy skill book. Inside are several frost rune traps.


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  • Rundi's frozen corpse may fail to appear at the altar. This can be corrected with the console command player.placeleveledactoratme 13BC1 1.
  • Sometimes, Rundi's body may not appear at all. There is no known way to fix this.
  • He may appear unfrozen and will simply stand on the altar. When interacted with, he will only respond with generic dialogue.
  • Sometimes, he might spawn naked and without any weapons.