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Rune Prison is a Sorcerer active skill in the Dark Magic skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Disorients enemy for 15.1 seconds.


  • Unlocked at Dark Magic rank 20.


Rune CageEdit

  • [?]
  • U6: This ability will no longer break due to damage over time. Each rank of Rune Cage now increases the disorient duration. [1]

Weakening PrisonEdit

  • [?]
  • U6: This ability now puts an aura of protection on you that lasts for one minute. The first player character to attack you during that one minute will be put in a Rune Prison. Each additional rank increases the duration of the aura by 20 seconds.[1]


  • U1: As of Update 1, the passive Sorcerer skill Persistence will now properly increases the duration of the Rune Prison. [2]
  • U7: Updated the tooltip for this ability to properly state it can only affect one target at a time.[3]



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