Sidri-Ashak Rune Stone

Rune Stone in the Waterfront region.

For other uses, see Mundus Stones (Online) and Standing Stones.

Rune Stones are similar in appearance to the Doomstones, but do not grant Greater Powers. Instead, they enchant whoever uses them with Bound Weapon and/or Bound Armor enchantments.

Rune Stones can be activated any time of day but need one day to recharge after they have been used. They increase boost Conjuration.

The are three types of Runestones: Hestra, Reman and Sidri-Ashak; all bestow different types of bound weapon or armor when they are activated.

The ten Hestra stones bestow gauntlets and either a dagger or a mace (depending on the Hero's skill in Blunt and Blade). The nine Reman stones give a cuirass, and a longsword or axe (again, corresponding to the higher skill). The five Sidri-Ashak stones bestow a helmet and a bow.

Lectures are held each afternoon between four and six at the Arcane University, exclusively on the subject of magical stones. As these lectures reveal, Hestra and Reman were rulers of Cyrodiil in earlier times, and Sidri-Ashak was an Akaviri Potentate, a leader of the Akaviri people.

Rune Stone locationsEdit

Each Rune Stone has multiple locations in Cyrodiil.