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"I'm Rusia Bradus. My husband is General Silgor Bradus, one of County Anvil's commanders in the field. "
―Rusia Dradus[src]

Rusia Bradus quote

Rusia Bradus is an Imperial noble residing in Silgor Bradus' House in the city of Anvil. She is a master trainer in Athletics. The only time she leaves her house is after 4:00 PM.

She requires that the Hero has found 30 locations on the world map, and master training references from Honditar and Hauls-Ropes-Faster (who is not a trainer) before she will train them.


Athletics TrainingEdit

Rusia will train the Hero in mastering Athletics.


Anvil: "My husband is down south in Anvil County working the Valenwood line, hunting down bandits and smugglers."


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