"Damn Watchman. I bet they're all crooked."

Ruslan quote

Ruslan is a Redguard commoner residing in his home in the Temple District of the Imperial City.


Ruslan was a victim of Audens Avidius's criminal activity. Audens exploits his position as a captain of the guard to rob the citizens and shopkeepers. While at Jensine's "Good As New" Merchandise, Audens came in and accused Ruslan and his friend Luronk gro-Glurzog of theft. Despite Jensine telling him they didn't do anything wrong, he threatened them with jail time.


Imperial CorruptionEdit

Both Ruslan and Luronk may start a quest upon being spoken to. Ruslan is looking for a few septims to make it until his next payday. When asked why he is begging, he will explain that he was robbed by one of the guard captains. He doesn't know the name of the guard but he knows his face.

Itius Hayn is willing to arrest Audens, but he needs at least two people to come forward as witnesses, something everybody is to afraid to do. With a high Disposition, Ruslan can be convinced to press charges.