"Need a dagger? No? How about a claymore?"


Rustleif is a Nord blacksmith in Dawnstar. He is still assisted with his blacksmithing business by his Redguard wife, Seren, even though she is now expecting a child. They live at their house.


When he was younger, Rustleif travelled to Hammerfell to learn the art of smithing. He later married the daughter of his teacher, Seren. After marrying her, the two returned to Skyrim where they opened a blacksmithing business in Dawnstar.


Bring one Night Falls on Sentinel to RustleifEdit

If spoken with, he asks the Dragonborn to find a copy of the book Night Falls on Sentinel for him. He says it is important to his wife because it is from Redguard culture.


Rustleif "The forge is hot today."
Seren "Not hot enough. Doesn't your Skyrim ever get warm, husband?"
Rustleif "No, not really."
Seren "[sigh]"

Seren "Rustleif, I've been wondering. Maybe after the baby is born, we should move back to Hammerfell."
Rustleif "Hammerfell? I'm not against the idea, but why?"
Seren "I'm just worried about raising a child in the middle of this war of yours."
Rustleif "[chuckle] War of mine? It's not my war, Seren!"
Seren "Your people's war, I mean. The Nords. What kind of life would we be giving our little one if we stayed here?"
Rustleif "I...well, let me think about it."


  • "Don't forget getting a good pair of gauntlets. Broken hands can't hold a sword."
  • "Most of the guards in Dawnstar carry swords forged from this very smithy."
  • "I trained in Hammerfell during my journeyman years. Redguard smiths are second to none."
  • "I work steel, weapons mostly."
  • "Seems like no one is getting a decent night's rest in Dawnstar. Best buy your steel and move on." – During the Nightmare plague.
  • "You looking for a shield? Best thing between you and your enemy, friend."



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  • It is possible that Rustleif will be found outside the Dawnstar Sanctuary with Seren, wounded and on the ground.
  • It is possible Rustleif will be found in the body of water in the middle of Dawnstar, standing in a shallow area with Seren. They will not move from this location.
  •  XB1   PS3   PS4   If the book is retrieved before he asks for it, he may never start the quest and the book becomes obsolete.


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