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Ruunvald Excavation

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Ruunvald Excavation
Ruunvald Excavation
Ruunvald Excavation Map
Hold The Rift
Type Cave
Sublocations Ruunvald Temple
Quests Bolstering the Ranks
Characters Volk
Moric Sidrey
Florentius Baenius
Enemies Charmed Vigilants
Location ID DLC1Ruunvald01

Ruunvald Excavation is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It is located southeast of Tolvald's Cave and directly east of Shor's Watchtower. Volk's Journal is just outside the entrance, in a tent.

Related QuestsEdit

The cave is accessed during the quest Bolstering the Ranks, in which several Charmed Vigilants can be found, the vigilants who went missing. Inside the temple, Florentius Baenius can be found.

He has been captured and held in a cage. He can be freed by taking the Ruunvald key off of Minorne's corpse.


Ruunvald TempleEdit


  • Malachite ore vein - It is at the bottom of the entrance. Another one is found once the first tunnel is entered, at a fork, with the ore vein to the right.
  • Three malachite ore - in a cart halfway through the tunnel after the entryway.
  • Malachite ore vein - in the second chamber, at the bottom, in a well lit area. There is also a chunk of malachite ore in a bin to the right of the vein.
  • Malachite ore vein - after the chamber containing "Discovering Ruunvald Vol. III", in the exiting tunnel, a vein is found to the right.


Notable itemsEdit


  • Ruunvald Excavation and any related doors will not appear in the world until the quest Bolstering the Ranks has been accepted and Isran identifies it as the location of Florentius.  Before this, the old Nordic doorway exit will be missing, as will the campsite, and the entrance in the mountain will be sealed.


This section contains bugs related to Ruunvald Excavation. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • When entering the temple, the Dragonborn may find a large world hole which, if they fall into it, will bring them to a different area in the temple.
  • When activating the associated quest, the marker will appear above the undiscovered location on the map but the world compass will be directing the Dragonborn towards Riften instead. This is fixed by entering and exiting Riften.


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