"Where did you come from? You look real enough. You must be from the outside! Oh, thank goodness someone finally came!"
―Rythe Lythandas[src]

Rythe Lythandas quote

Rythe Lythandas is a Dunmer commoner residing in his home in the city of Cheydinhal. He is also a famous painter, with his works on the Great Forest supposed to "come alive as you look."

During the events of the Oblivion Crisis he goes missing, and his wife Tivela Lythandas is looking for him. She then requests help from the Hero, and it turns out he is stuck inside a world within his painting. The Hero and Rythe will then have to find a way to get back to Tamriel, which they succeed at.


A Brush With DeathEdit

Listening to rumors around Cheydinhal will lead to hearing of the disappearance of Rythe Lythandas, a famous painter, and that his wife Tivela is grieving and looking for help with finding her husband.