"Me? Ha! This mind is for planning, not swordfighting and bloodletting. Oh, and counting coins. I am very good at that."

S'jash is a Khajiit member of the Renrijra Maor. He reveals himself upon Tsanji's defeat, where he notifies that the Vestige is considered the new leader of Alten Corimont.

He is an opportunistic and somewhat cowardly Khajiit who is preoccupied with money and professes to having a talent for planning and counting.


Last One StandingEdit

A Pirate ParleyEdit


  • "The Renrijra Maor. Some called us pirates, other privateers. It did not matter. We sailed under the papers of the Dominion, capturing enemy merchants for our profit and the Dominion's pleasure."
  • "What does it matter the past? We follow your orders now. Once this is all over, we can go back to doing what we do best: making money."