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"Please, you must help me find them! If I don't have them for the next batch of my Famous Potato Bread, I don't know what I'll do!"
―S'jirra, about her Jumbo Potatoes[src]

S'jirra quote

S'jirra is a Khajiit commoner who is found in the Faregyl Inn. She makes a popular recipe consisting of potatoes and bread known as S'jirra's Famous Potato Bread and gives the quest "The Potato Snatcher."


The Potato SnatcherEdit

The Hero will meet a strange Khajiit named S'jirra at the Faregyl Inn. She insists someone is stealing her supply of Jumbo Potatoes. She makes her famous Potato Bread with Jumbo Potatoes.


  • "My potatoes are like my children. I care for and nurture each one individually. That way, they grow up to be big and strong."
  • "Ohhhh... what am I to do? They're gone... all gone."
  • "Please... give them to me! I must have them!"
  • "Be careful, that brute was absolutely huge!"


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