"S'rashi is very busy, stranger. Unless you have business of a most critical nature, you must come back at another time. S'rashi offers deepest apologies."

S'rashi is a Khajiit debt collector working on behalf of the Midnight Union. He is found in his office, located on the second floor of the Cloudy Dregs Inn.

His brother, M'jaddha, is worried for his safety due to his recent short-comings in his duties recently.


The Debt Collector's DebtsEdit

M'jaddha asks the Vestige to go to S'rashi inside the Cloudy Dregs and help him with his trouble with the Midnight Union. S'rashi asks the Vestige to help him collect enough money from three people around Wayrest who owes him to pay off his debts to Count Hosni at-Tura.