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Sabine Nytte is a Breton warrior who can be found inside the ship Red Wave, which lies next to the East Empire Company Warehouse.


The Dainty SloadEdit

Sabine Nytte sells Balmora Blue to the Dragonborn.


She treats the Dragonborn as though their very presence is offensive.


  • "Whatever you're about to say, don't bother. I don't want to hear it."
  • "What hole did you crawl out of?"
  • "Out of my way, or I'll cut you. Deep."
  • "You reek. A little friendly advice - take a bath and get some new clothes."


  • She will sometimes say, "Yes, Sera?" which indicates that she is familiar with the land of Morrowind, which happens to be where the crew of the Red Wave acquires much of their merchandise, or simply because she uses the common Dunmer female dialogue set, which might hint that she was intended to be a Dunmer in the first place.
  • The letter from Dyryn (Balmora Blue Note) is addressed to her.