Sabjorn is a Nord and the owner of the Honningbrew Meadery. He is a minor antagonist of the Thieves Guild questline.


Dampened SpiritsEdit

The Dragonborn is sent to poison the Honningbrew Mead and ruin Sabjorn, who unknowingly hires the Dragonborn to take care of the pest problem at the Meadery.

After the quest to frame Sabjorn has been completed, he will be in the Dragonsreach Dungeon following his arrest.


If he is approached in Dragonsreach Dungeon, in addition to the occasional Yes and Um, he will say the following three lines:

  • "You've sent an innocent man to jail, I hope you are proud of yourself."
  • "Maven be damned. One day, she will get hers, I can promise you that."
  • "Leave me alone. Haven't you done enough damage already?"


  • Strangely, if his cell is unlocked by the Dragonborn, he will wander around the dungeon while the guards just carry on like normal. This will also happen if a Whiterun Jail Key is placed in his inventory.confirmation needed
  • In his bedroom, there will be a bottle of his own mead on the stand, but under his bed on the other side, there is a bottle of Black-Briar Mead in a bowl, implying he holds his mead as of a lower quality than the Black-Briar's.
  • If the Dragonborn has won the battle of Whiterun for either the Imperial Legion or the Stormcloaks, Sabjorn can be seen escaping from Whiterun.
  • If the Dragonborn steals from him, he might send hired thugs after them.


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