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The Sacellum Arden-Sul is the church in New Sheoth. It has the altar of Arden-Sul inside. There are two different priests: Arctus, the priest for Dementia, and Dervenin, the priest for Mania.

The Hero can enter the Sacellum Arden-Sul from both Bliss and Crucible.


Once they have activate the altar, it is lit and it gives the Hero a blessing. The blessing's qualities depend on the flame, and whether it has been lit for Mania or Dementia.

  • The Flame of Mania fortifies Intelligence 10 pts, Willpower 10 pts, and Resist Paralysis 10% for 300 seconds.
  • The Flame of Dementia fortifies Luck 5pts, Speed 5pts, Sneak 4pts, and Security 4pts for 300 seconds.


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