"Sadrith Mora is large, with many craftsmen, traders, and trainers, but it is open only to Telvanni retainers; outsiders should confine themselves to the Gateway Inn, and to Wolverine Hall, the Imperial quarters of the Legion garrison and guilds."

Sadrith Mora, otherwise known as the Mushroom Forest[1] in Dunmeris, is the Vvardenfell Capital of the Great House Telvanni.



Sadrith Mora has no walls to cover itself. Since the city is Telvanni Territory, buildings are large mushroom structures where homes are built in. The entire city is built around the Tel Naga Great Hall. The Main entrance to Sadrith Mora is from the Gateway Inn in the western side of the city. The Morag Tong Guild is located in the northern part of the city. The Imperial fort Wolverine Hall is located on the southern outskirts of the city.


Second EraEdit

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Nothing is yet known about this city, other than it will appear in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

Third EraEdit

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During the Blight, the Nerevarine visited the city of Sadrith Mora in order to have House Telvanni recognize them as the Hortator. At the time, the Mage Lord of the Telvanni Council in Sadrith Mora was Master Neloth.[2]

Frathen Drothan of House Telvanni resented the Imperial rule over the Dunmer people. His plan was to leave House Telvanni, find the Mehrunes' Razor underneath Sundercliff Watch, and topple the empire.[3]

Fourth EraEdit

During the Red Year, the city of Sadrith Mora was destroyed in the eruption of Red Mountain along with Balmora, Ald'ruhn, and Vivec City. Sadrith Mora along with the other major settlements in Vvardenfell were rebuilt after the Red Year. A relief effort ordered by the House Redoran councilman was made and people were sent to reestablish Vvardenfell.[4]

After the Red Year, Master Neloth left Sadrith Mora and established Tel Mithryn along the southern coast of Solstheim. He had also brought Silt Striders to Solstheim. By 4E 201, the Silt Striders had died out.[5][6]



  • Sadrith Mora is the only city in Vvardenfell to not come back from Arena.

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