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The Sadrith Mora Fighters Guild in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is located on the ground floor of Wolverine Hall.

The following is the Sadrith Mora chapter of the Fighters Guild.



Given by Hrundi:

  1. Battle at Nchurdamz: A fellow warrior needs assistance against a Daedroth in Nchurdamz.
  2. Dissapla Mine: Rescue a healer from a nix-hound infested mine.
  3. Berwen's Stalker: Kill a Corprus Stalker in Tel Mora.
  4. Tenim's Bounty: Kill outlaw Rels Tenim, located near Vos.
  5. Sujamma to Dunirai: Deliver a load of Sujamma to Nelacar at the Dunirai Caverns.
  6. Rescue Sondaale: Rescue Sondaale from the Sixth House cultists and escort her through Telasero.
  7. Engaer's Bounty: Kill Engaer in Tel Naga.
  8. Pudai Eggmine: Obtain the Seven Eggs of Gold from this legendary Eggmine.



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