"Captain Carius mentioned that you might come to speak with me. How may I assist you?"
―Saenus Lusius[src]

Saenus Lusius is an Imperial agent who can be found in Fort Frostmoth, a Legion Fort on the island of Solstheim.


Frostmoth SmugglersEdit

If sided with Saenus, the smugglers can be negotiated with.

The Disappearance of Captain CariusEdit

Captain Falx Carius has gone missing.


Show: Frostmoth Smugglers
Inside Fort Frostmoth:

"Captain Carius mentioned that you might come to speak with me. How may I assist you?"

Saenus Lusius "I am Saenus Lusius. What may I do for you?"
assist you "Ah yes, this smuggling ring. Captain Carius mentioned something about that. I would be glad to help. Though I'm admittedly not the most handy with my blade, I believe I can help guide you through this conundrum."
I would like you to work with me. "Excellent. Gaea Artoria will have to perform the other tasks that Captain Carius had for me today, but no matter. Let us find these scoundrels!"
Gaea Artoria "A fine warrior, second only to the Captain himself. She'll likely be off on errands for Captain Carius now."
weapons being smuggled "I suggest we speak with some of the soldiers here at the fort. A motley bunch, to be sure, but some of them are fair soldiers. I've developed quite a rapport with a few, in fact. Why don't we begin by speaking with Zeno Faustus. He's an interesting character. We'll find him in the armory."
I am not sure with whom I will work. "As you wish. If you change your mind, please let me know."

If approached again:

"Yes? Would you like to continue to travel together? I imagine it would be best with the task at hand. Captain Carius wishes for us to work together."

travel together "We should continue to travel together, should we not?"
Yes, we should. "Excellent."
No. Wait here. "If you insist."

After speaking to Zeno Faustus:

weapons being smuggled "I believe we have enough information to break up this ring. Let us finish."

After speaking to Gualtierus Spurius:

"He wants to make a deal with you, does he?"

make a deal "Interesting. Well, I suppose you could let him go. I know Spurius, and while he wasn't the best soldier, he wasn't the worst, either. And I know he has a family to feed back home. Still, he has stolen from the Legion, and his crimes are punishable by death. I'm afraid the decision is yours, my friend. Whatever you decide, I will support it."

If chosen to spare Spurius:

weapons being smuggled "You have made your decision. I will let you report these findings to Carius. I hope you have made the correct decision."

If chosen to kill Spurius:

weapons being smuggled "The smugglers are dead, so the smuggling ring is effectively broken. Not the way I would have done it, perhaps, but effective nonetheless. Let us return to the fort."

When approaching the fort:

"Wait! Something here is amiss. The fort has been attacked while we were gone. We must find Captain Carius immediately!"

Show: The Disappearance of Captain Carius
Inside Fort Frostmoth:

If Lusius was chosen as a follower during Frostmoth Smugglers:

"From what Artoria has told us, the course is clear. You must travel to the Nord village and see what they know about the attack."

Nord village "Go there and find out what you can about the Captain's disappearance. It is on the northeastern tip of the island."
Fort Frostmoth "The fort is in a terrible state right now. Hopefully, we will be able to get things back to normal soon."

If Artoria was chosen as a follower during Frostmoth Smugglers:

"Thank the gods you've returned! There was a horrible battle. And Captain Carius...someone must find the Captain!"

Captain Carius "He is missing in the attack. He must be found."
find the Captain "There was a terrible battle. We were caught completely by surprise. And in the aftermath we realized taht Captain Carius was missing. I searched thoroughly, and there was no sign of his body, so I do not believe he is dead. And these wolf creatures... they were horrible and fierce. You must find him, Nerevarine (Player name). There is a Nord village on the north end of this island. They may know something about what has occurred."
wolf creatures "I don't know exactly what to call them. Of course, I've heard stories about who turn into beasts when the night falls. But I've never heard of them being seen on this island. And I've certainly never heard of so many of them working in concert."
werewolves "Horrible, horrible... I hope I never see such a creature again."
Nord village "It is on the northeastern tip of Solstheim. These Skaal are nature-worshippers, and they seem to have a special commune with the creatures of this island. If anyone knows what attacked the fort, it will be these Nords. I will mark their location on your map. I would like you to earn their trust and find out waht you can. You may have to remain with them for many days, but I believe you are up to the task. Here, take this--it was found in one of their tombs. Perhaps they will take it as a sign of good faith."
Skaal "They are a mysterious bunch, but to be truthful, I know very little about them."

If approached again:

"As I said, someone must find the Captain!"

find the Captain "You must find Carius. And the Nord village would be a good place to begin looking."
Nord village "Go there and find out what you can about the Captain's disappearance. It is on the northeastern tip of the island."