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Sahrotaar (Dovahzul: SAhROTAaR) is a Serpentine Dragon encountered during the quest "At the Summit of Apocrypha" in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. He could be considered Miraak's dragon, as he is always seen carrying the First Dragonborn, or fighting with him.

Despite this status, he will transfer his loyalty to the Last Dragonborn once the Bend Will Shout is obtained and vows to fight with them. However, he is killed by Miraak during the battle in order absorb his soul.


Sahrotaar's background is largely unknown, but at some point his will was bent by Miraak and he appears to have served him ever since. There may even be a bond between the two, but this is unlikely considering that he wants nothing more than to destroy him once and for all.


Sahrotaar yields up the same loot as any other Serpentine Dragon.


The combat is the same as that of other dragons. He will use the Frost Breath shout, and can also bite enemies or hit them with its wings and tail. Upon meeting him you will have to shout Bend Will at him to tame, talk, and ride him. If you don't use the shout on him after he lands, he will either use Frost Breath or Fire Breath which is extremely powerful, and the Dragonborn can possibly die within seconds.


After Bend Will is usedEdit

  • "Hail, thuri (overlord). Your thu'um has been mastered. Climb aboard and I will carry you to Miraak."
  • "Your thu'um is stronger than Miraak's. Vobalaan in [Unworthy master]. I serve you now."
  • "Beware. Miraak is strong. He knew you would come here."
  • "Miraak has forced me to serve him for too long. Nahkriin saraan lingrah [Vengeance has waited long]. Let us destroy him together."


  • Sahrotaar is a unique dragon in that he has a role in the story as Miraak's dragon.



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