Not to be confused with Sai.
"The path ahead of us is a dark one, but it pleases me to know that I shall walk that path with friends."
―Sai to the Vestige, after being rescued from the Halls of Torment[src]

Sai Sahan, son of Nazir Itaf Sahan of Bangkorai, was a Redguard noble, martial artist, master swordsman, and leader of the Imperial Dragonguard.[1]


A member of the original Five Companions of Varen Aquilarious, Sai Sahan was also the Grandmaster of the Order of the Blades and was the head of the security detail of the then-incumbent Emperor Varen.

Sai learned much from his mentor and friend Kasura in the ways of the ancient Yokudan sword-saints during his childhood in the Valley of the Blades. He promised himself to revive these martial traditions, but when he failed to do so he shaved his head and served as a warrior in Tamriel's battlefields until he met Varen Aquilarios, a powerful Colovian military leader.

During the war with the Longhouse Emperors before Varen became Emperor of Cyrodiil, Sai rode at the head of a column of mercenary soldiers tasked by Varen to assist in the liberation of Leyawiin. It turned out that then-Emperor Leovic employed those mercenaries as double agents. When Sai came before the gates of Leyawiin with the mercenaries, they turned on him, hoping to deliver the severed head of Varen's legendary Dragonguard Commander to Emperor Leovic. Rumors say Sai cut through two armies of the would-be assassins bent on killing him. When he returned to Varen's rebellion base at Bruma weeks later, he did so with the scalps of eighty-six men and the news that Leyawiin had been freed.

After Varen deposed Leovic and proclaimed himself as Emperor, Sai Sahan helped him to find the Amulet of Kings for a ritual to make Varen into a Dragonborn, thus fully legitimizing his claim to the throne. However, the ritual was actually a dark trick by Mannimarco used to weaken the veil between Nirn and Oblivion, and thus begin the Planemeld. In the chaos after the ritual, Sai took the Amulet of Kings and fled, managing to hide it in the depths of the ancient, ruined city of Sancre Tor, only to be captured and brought to the Halls of Torment in Coldharbour later on.

The PlanemeldEdit

The Vestige first finds out about the Five Companions during Varen's flashback, depicting Sai Sahan as one of the loyal bodyguards who protected Varen. It is later revealed that during the events of the Soulburst, Sai Sahan fled with the Amulet of Kings and managed to hide the amulet within the Sancre Tor.

Sai was captured and brought to the Halls of Torment for his captors to obtain information, but he was stubborn, refusing to let out one word. He was rescued by the Vestige and either Abnur Tharn or Lyris Titanborn in 2E 582.


Sai Sahan is unyielding, honorable, patriotic and loyal, fiercely protective of those he considers friends especially to his Emperor. Sai understands duty and dedication, serves those he knows to be his betters, and hones his craft with singular dedication. Some say he is also burdened with a great deal of suppressed anger and blood-lust, savoring the heat of battle and insurmountable odds and relishing the act of killing his enemies. He has strong feelings for Lyris Titanborn, his so-called "Snow Lily," while taking to heart much of Abnur Tharn's snide comments.

His greatest regret was not being able to revive the ancient Yokudan traditions of the sword-saints, wiped out by the Yokudan Emperor many centuries ago. Abnur considered this a blessing considering these same traditions might have been the reason for the destruction of Yokuda.




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