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Saint Jiub's Fair is a holiday in Morrowind celebrating Saint Jiub's heroic deeds. It's also celebrated in Cheydinhal in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion,[1] presumably because the count is a Dunmer (Andel Indarys).

Not much is known about when the people of Morrowind started celebrating Saint Jiub's Fair, but it can be assumed that it began after he slew the Cliff Racers in Vvardenfell.[2]



"After I was freed from prison, I decided to turn my life around. Give something back to the people of Morrowind.
It became quickly apparent that the best way I could help would be by wiping out the Cliff Racers.
I hunted down and killed every last one of them. Took years.
The people of Morrowind were so grateful to have the roads safer again, they took to calling me "Saint Jiub.""
Saint Jiub[src]

Burz Gro-KhashEdit

"I'm Burz gro-Khash, and I'm in charge of this Saint Jiub's Fair. All I need is clowns, monkeys, and jugglers. No. Wait... just need jugglers..."
Burz gro-Khash[src]


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