Not to be confused with Kaladas.
Saint Kaladas

Saint Kaladas's grave in the crypt of the chapel of Zénithar in Leyawiin.

Saint Kaladas was a saint and craftsman who lived around two centuries after the death of Pelinal Whitestrake.

Kaladas built the Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin. He built the chapel in memory of the story of how after the death of Pelinal, a messenger took his Mace to the settlement of Leyawiin.

Years later, Kaladas passed on and was laid to rest in the under-croft of the Chapel of Zenithar. Not long after, people began saying that while they prayed at his tomb they saw visions of the Mace at the other end of a large chasm. [1]

During the Third Era, a Knight of the Nine named Sir Ralvas went the Chapel in the hopes of recovering the mace and saving his dying order. He spent months with little food and rest praying at the altar and trying to reach the mace with no success. He noted that while he felt like everything in the Chasm was real, the priest said he never moved. Soon Ralvas gave up and left the Chapel broken and in despair. His body was later found by Sir Amiel and Sir Juncan who took his body to be laid to rest at their Priory.[1]

His tomb would later be visited by the Hero of Kvatch, who would discover the Boots of the Crusader were needed to get the mace.




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