"If you insist on lingering here, bare your palms. The Zainab do not suffer guests who hide their hands."

Salamat is a Dunmer Ashlander of the Zainab Tribe, located in Ald'ruhn on Vvardenfell.


I'd like to learn more about the Zainab. "There is little to learn. We put on no airs—we have no taste for secrets. Only hard work matters. The other tribes burden themselves with resentments and sour traditions. Not us. We speak little. Only labors speak for us."

What kind of labors? "Hunting, mining, droving... any task that brings prosperity to the tribe. Work brings abundance. Laziness brings death. That is the law of the Wastes."


  • "What is that you carry? A jeweled cuttle? A worthy offering, to be sure. Place it before the cairn." — During "Ancestral Ties"
  • "Those who labor long prosper. Those who hunt long starve." These are the words of our First Ashkhan, Akami. You honor him with this gift."
  • "Know that the Zainab watch this House-mer, Drelyth, very closely. If the Redorans make a play for Ald'ruhn, he will be the first to die." — After "Ancestral Ties"