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"Forgive me, but I am on urgent business for the Dawnguard. Stand aside!"

Saliah is a Dawnguard field agent tasked with refiling Dawnguard caches throughout Skyrim.


She can typically be met in a random encounter, possibly be found roaming around Skyrim or in a town patrolling for vampires.

Any attempt at communicating with her will result in a response indicating only that she has business with the Dawnguard and the Dragonborn should stand aside, even if the Dragonborn has finished the Dawnguard side of the questline. On her person, she carries a note giving details of the Dawnguard cache she is charged with stocking up.

Notable itemsEdit


  • Her armor is radiant.
  • She is sometimes found riding a horse.
  • If one has a bounty in a town and she happens to visit that town, she will attack, as she is a member of the Dawnguard and their crime tolerance is set to low.

If you have sided with the vampires she will attack automatically.


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