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Salma is a Redguard adventurer who can be found accompanying Beem-Ja just outside Ironbind Barrow.


She is quite eager to enter the barrow but seems to have lost her nerve to actually do so, until the Dragonborn indicates that he or she is heading inside.


Once in, she and Beem-Ja rush through the barrow, pausing only when they encounter traps and closed dropgates or get too far ahead, and just before entering the main burial chamber.

Later, Beem-Ja becomes hostile towards the Dragonborn, saying that his real quest involves a blood sacrifice and suggest that the Dragonborn does not fight back to "make things easier for the both of us" and then initiating combat.

Once Beem-Ja has been killed, Salma seems to have lost her enthusiasm for the whole affair, indicating that her family are wealthy landowners and that she was tomb-raiding only for sport and excitement. Apparently she has known Beem-Ja since she was a girl, and is shaken by both his death and the revelation that he was dabbling in Necromancy; she mentions her father never trusted Beem-Ja, but thought that he was only being overprotective.

She indicates to the Dragonborn that she would like to be alone to rest and reflect, after which time she will probably return home to High Rock; she offers no other dialogue choices.


Salma "How can you just sit there and wait? We should be in there!"
Beem-Ja "We must gather our strength. Who knows what's inside?"
Salma "Treasure, that's what! Get off your scaly rump and let's go!"
Beem-Ja "[notices player] Hush, Salma. We aren't alone."


  • For an inexperienced adventurer, she seems to be well-equipped, with Steel Plate armor, an Elven, Orcish or Ebony shield, and a low-level magical melee weapon (her armor, shield and enchanted weapon strength depend on the Dragonborn's level when Salma is first met), seemingly corroborating her assertion that she is from a wealthy family.
  • She is not hostile, but if murdered, the above-mentioned gear can be looted from her body, as well as some gold, non-magical jewelry, and a letter.
  • Salma may be one of the many NPCs randomly selected by Radiant AI to hire three thugs to "teach a lesson" to the Dragonborn if she is stolen from.
  • She, along with Beem-Ja, can be made a follower with PC console commands.
    • setrelationshiprank player 4
    • addtofaction 5c84d 3
    • addtofaction 19089 1