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For other uses, see Sancre Tor.
"A site hallowed by its association with Saint Alessia, Sancre Tor was the religious center of the Alessian Order for much of the First Era. By longstanding tradition, Emperors of Cyrodiil are buried in the funerary vaults beneath the city."
―Sancre Tor Loading Screen[src]

Sancre Tor is a location in The Elder Scrolls Online found in Cyrodiil.


Shadow of Sancre TorEdit

Retrieve the Amulet of Kings from Sancre Tor.


  • Sancre Tor Antechamber (Sancre Tor Interior)
    • Crypt of Heroes
    • Sancre Tor Inner Chamber
      • Inner Courtyard
        • Dragonguard Tomb
        • Reman Vault
        • Vault Antechamber
          • Vault of Kings



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