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Sanit-Kil's Heart of Fire

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Golden Touch (Achievement) Sanit-Kil's Heart of Fire
TES3 Morrowind - Amulet - Expensive 01
Weight 1.00 WeightIcon
Value 150 GoldIcon
Additional Effects Fortify Attribute: Willpower
Uses 5
Enchantment Total 150
Type Amulet
FormID heart_of_fire
Main article: Amulets (Morrowind)

Sanit-Kil's Heart of Fire is an amulet that was originally possessed by Sanit-Kil, a powerful witch-warrior. He was defeated by the grandfather of Ahaz, and it was passed down to Ahaz's father, and then later to Ahaz. Ahaz has this item in his possession when he was killed during the quest "Erabenimsun Nerevarine." Its charge is 95.


Enchantment ID: fireheart_en


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