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Sanuarach Mine (Location)

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For other uses, see Sanuarach Mine.

Sanuarach Mine is an unmarked mine located in Karthwasten. It contains silver ore veins. The Silver-Blood Family have been sent to keep the mine "safe," but they are really attempting to purchase the mine from Ainethach, who is displeased. Southwest of this mine, yet still next to Karthwasten, is another, smaller mine named Fenn's Gulch Mine.



  • Silver Ore Vein x7
    • 1 in the left (northwest) wing of the mine at the top of the wooden ramps against the back (northwest) wall.
    • 1 in the right (northeast) wing, up the ramp and then down the ramp on the other (eat northeast) side, on the bottom level in the back next to the east wall.
    • 2 in the right (northeast) wing, up the ramp, to the left (north northwest) and up a second ramp to the right (north northeast) at the top on the left wall.
    • 3 - from the previous location, up the third ramp to the right (southeast) and across a bridge, on the left wall.
  • 3 Silver Ore at the entrance of the mine on a wagon.


  • Smelter - immediately outside the mine entrance.



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